Get fitter, more flexible, and relaxed before the weekend with a great yoga workout with experienced yoga coaches in Southampton.

Have a great yoga workout in Southampton

Do you want to

  • get a bit fitter and more flexible?

  • have a great physical yoga workout? (Sorry, we don't do chanting or meditation).

  • de-stress and relax to set yourself up for the weekend?

  • take your yoga practice a bit further?

Our physical yoga classes use strong stretches and yoga postures to develop health and fitness, suitable for most beginners and non-beginners.

The benefits of yoga for relaxation are well known, but it can also be used as a good physical exercise for health and fitness. Regular practice can give improved muscle tone, strength and stamina, as well as flexibility and balance. In the long term, benefits are often found in the mind and emotions as well as in the physical body with improvements such as clarity of thought and better concentration. Benefits in relaxation and physical well-being are often felt quite quickly.

Jeremy Smallwood & Jan Wise

Southampton, UK

Monday class

The Warren Centre 7.00 - 8.30 p.m.


Friday class

Friends Meeting House, 5.05 - 6.35p.m.


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Page updated July 17, 2013